Monday, May 17, 2010

Faulty Nuts

When people talk about other types of cancer, there seems to be an ease with which to give out details. Brain, Breast, Kidney, Bone you name it and everyone can pretty much keep a straight face, even me and I can and I find a reason to laugh at anything. Well I have learned when you are talking about testicular cancer its hard not to giggle a little when you start giving out information about your testicles. Maybe its the ease of humor and innuendo that can come along with balls that make it easier to laugh at it as a cancer. Maybe it's the fact that everyone reverts back to seventh grade when we talk about testicles that we laugh, or because men generally don't talk about their balls. Either way, I will laugh because it will me get through. I will make inappropriate jokes, because they make me laugh. I will laugh because laughter is the best medicine. This blog is for me to put down all the things I'm thinking and feeling and finding really hilarious. This will be a chance for me to get my frustrations out and work through a range of emotions. I will be sarcastic, and I will be honest. I will be vulnerable, but I will also crack jokes. Laugh with me, it will help.