Thursday, May 20, 2010

united colors of benetton

Today I had My appointment with the urologist. It was very straight forward. "We want to remove you testicle right away" Tuesday to be precise. I have been scheduled for a radical inguinal orchiectomy. This is a surgery that removes your nuts through your abdomen. As familiar as I thought i was with the male anatomy I did not know that the blood supply for your testicles starts in abdomen. I thought they would just open up the coin purse, but no its a little more invasive than that. They want to be make sure they get everything from the beginning on down. This appointment was also the fourth time a stranger in a two week period to got to third base without the pleasantry of dinner first.
My surgical team is the united colors of benetton. Not that it really matters but I really enjoy the fact that my surgical team could be on a poster for diversity. The resident who had the honor of feeling me up was persian. Dr Carl Smith the Chief of Urology black guy and then Molly his first assistant RN; white hippie. It brought me comfort all of them standing there discussing my surgery. It is also comforting that that they were all very warm and pleasant conversationalists. I have dealt with a few surgeons and they generally have the social skills of a porcupine. Although, Dr Smith did lose points when he made a Lance reference.
Althought I am happy with the speed at which this process is going, I am really upset that this is totally going to ruin my memorial day. I won't be able to play in my softball tournament which I have been looking forward for the last few months. Dr smith actually laughed at me and said that yeah I could play but I would be the one they would get out first cause I would barely be able to crawl to first base. Side Note: Recovery from this surgery will be one to two weeks and I can resume all normal activities, but I can't ride a bike for at least four weeks. Again don't make Lance references. Also due to the speed of getting me in for surgery I won't be able to have my balls out toga party. A Friend came up with games and a menu. Pin the balls on the Patty, cheese balls, Swedish meatballs, grapes, olives. Maybe I can just postpone it until my birthday. Cancer better not ruin my 30th birthday. I am hoping for new summer outfits maybe from Benneton.

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