Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coppertone and Friends

I have decided that when you find out you have cancer, the first thing you should go out and do is get a tan. While this may not apply in cases of skin cancer I think it is the best advice I can give before you have a surgery to remove tumors from your body. Spray tan will work too.

The weekend before I had surgery, I spent a lot of time outdoors playing. I got some great color. I was blessed with skin that holds a nice bronzy tan. So flash forward to after my surgery. I had so many people coming over to drop off food or just come and keep me company. The first thing almost everyone said was how great I looked. Maybe everyone just expected me to look all cancery and or pale because I would be all sad about loosing a nut, but I think my bronzy glow helped me to look healthy and vibrant. I have determined that the tan help reduce cancer face by at least 83%.

I also highly recommend when you have cancer making sure you have really super awesome amazing friends. If you don’t have friends maybe you need to look at your social skills and tune them up a bit. I must to say that I have amazing friends and family. Since my surgery two weeks ago, Jon and I have barely had to cook. I have had rounds of fresh flowers, fruit baskets, and edible arrangements and so many great gifts with ball related humor. Although I have to say that I am surprised that no-one took to the opportunity to get me set of UniBall pens. It is now the only pen brand that I will use. One of my friends slash nurse maid for the day even took me to rent a wheel chair until I felt comfortable enough to walk again.

It has now been two weeks since I had my testicle pulled through my abdomon, and I am almost back to my old self minus a nut. The only reason for this is, is the care and support from all of those people in my life. They helped in my speedy recovery. It was also the tan.

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